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Harald Vike - Spirit of the Man

Vasse Felix 14th October - 3rd February 2019

'...the sun is my undoing' Harald Vike, 1983

Between October and February Vasse Felix will be proudly exhibiting the work of Norwegian artist, Harald Vike, at the Vasse Felix Art Gallery.

Vike spent many years attempting to capture the brilliance of the Australian light in paint.

From the time Vike moved from Norway to Perth in 1927 until he died in 1987 he was a dedicated and driven self - taught artist. He had a love for Perth, the first major city he lived in, creating an impressive body of work during the 1930s and 1940s. Vike had a deep respect for nature and the environment, and was passionate about untamed landscapes as well as the cultivated aspects of a city. He had an interest in people, and had great ability in capturing the essence of people in quick sketches, detailed drawings and exaggerated caricatures. Vike's life and work is reflected in this exhibition, drawing from the Janet Holmes à Court Collection, the WA Museum, the Museum of Performing Arts, North Metropolitan TAFE Collection, the Andrew Ross Collection and the Phillip and Michele McNamara Collection.

Image: Harald Vike Parliament House Gardens 1938, oil on canvas on board, 42 x 53 cm. Copyright and courtesy the estate of the artist.



Vasse Felix Art Gallery


14th October 2018 - 3rd February 2019