Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

Inside out with Minna Gilligan

Montalto 27th October 2019

Join Minna Gilligan at Montalto for a collage workshop wherein participants do not just stick images on paper - the artist will guide participants to make a work that unifies painting and collage into a personal narrative or scene. As a starting point, participants will meditatively trawl through old books and magazines, choosing images that jump out or speak to them in some way. Together, these disparate images will then begin to form ideas for a mise en scène. The chosen images will be combined with the colour and texture of paint, which forms a background, a mood, or a 'setting'. Each participant will be encouraged to identify the intent or narrative in their work, a protagonist, or perhaps a more abstract outcome.

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27th October 2019, 10am – 1pm