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Winery Chef Collaboration: The Ultimate Dinner

Voyager Estate 16th November 2018

In recognition of 40 years since the first plantings, Voyager Estate is hosting a celebratory dinner featuring three of Australia’s finest winery chefs: Vince Trim of Hobart’s MONA (Moorilla Estate) and Brendan Wessels from d’Arenberg Cube in McLaren Vale will join Voyager Estate’s Head Chef Santi Fernandez to cook a special dinner pairing wines from each others’ estates and showcasing ingredients unique to their own regions – a triumvirate of the best of Australian wine and food. 

This celebration dinner will feature six-courses and as many world-class wines, and brings together a trio of chefs each representing a unique Australian winery destination, all with art and the craft of making excellent wines at their heart.

Trim hails from Moorilla Estate at MONA, arguably one of the world’s most acclaimed privately owned art galleries, while Wessels is from d’Arenberg’s Cube, South Australia’s most recent and talked about art and winery experiences.

Fernandez brings his own unique vision to the trio, with his wine-first and artful approach to cooking, at this world-class wine Estate in the highly acclaimed Margaret River Wine region.

Fernandez said: “I’m looking forward to welcoming Vince and Brendan to Voyager Estate and sharing with each other what makes our own regions so special. Not only will our wines shine but our produce and approach to local, seasonal and sustainable will also be a unifier. It’s also such a special time during our 40 year celebrations.”

Voyager Estate, Moorilla Estate and d’Arenberg are all members of Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia, taking visitors beyond the cellar door with immersive wine and food experiences.


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Voyager Estate


16th November 2018


$195 per person