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Winemaking: Old and New

The old and the new of winemaking

A personally guided tour of the winery encompassing both the old and the new technologies utilised.

Tahbilk’s traditional red wines are fermented in the same vats that were used in the 1800’s. But winemaking techniques change and improve with time. In addition to the historic winery, Tahbilk has a modern winery, and employs up to date winemaking techniques and practices.

There is no better winery to experience a history of winemaking. You can learn why some older techniques are still preferred and where new practices produce a better wine.


Tahbilk Winery
254 O’Neils Road, Tabilk, VIC


10.30am and 2pm daily


$45 per person
(valid until 31 March 2019)

Includes: guided winery tour


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