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The Mitchelton Hotel

470 Mitchellstown Road, Nagambie VIC

Setting a new standard for accommodation in Victoria’s picturesque Goulburn Valley, Mitchelton offers its own on-site accommodation with the same impeccable attention to detail as its wines.

A range of room options provides spaces both intimate and inviting, and the perfect place to enjoy a night away from the city and surrounded by an estate of ordered beauty. Designed by the internationally renowned architectural and interior design practice of Hecker Guthrie, featuring both earthy tones and every modern luxury, each room is a personal sanctuary with the full offering of the winery at the door and a pool available for guests.

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Tahbilk Winery Wetlands
Wine, wetlands and wildlife await.

As a region, Nagambie Lakes is known for its picturesque habitats of tall, shady red river gums and tranquil views of the Goulburn River and surrounding wetlands. Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne, it's easily accessible for a day trip, however don't be surprised if you find yourself wishing you had stayed for longer.

A truly relaxing destination visitors can enjoy premium wines, pristine habitat and quaint towns filled with cafes, local produce stores, antique shops and galleries.

The terroir is well suited to viticulture and the Nagambie Lakes region experiences a cooler and more moderate climate than might first be expected, due to the influence of the many Lakes and Lagoons to be found throughout. It is the only Australian wine region, and one of only six worldwide, where the meso-climate is dramatically influenced by inland water mass.




Establishment of viticulture in Nagambie Lakes dates back to pre-1860 but it was in 1860 itself that a syndicate raised a substantial sum of money for the purpose of forming the company to be entitled ‘The Tahbilk Vineyard Proprietary’ which was the first successful venture in the region. As such, the region has a substaintial wine history including Shiraz vines plated in 1860 which are still in production at Tahbilk today.