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Broken Bay Pearl Farm

Broken Bay, New South Wales

Embark on a journey to uncover the captivating narrative of the Australian Pearl, thoughtfully curated by the exclusive pearl farm in New South Wales. This story spans generations, transcends cultural boundaries, and conquers ever-evolving environmental challenges. Immerse yourself in this extraordinary tale through a private or group tour, where we eagerly share our profound passion and expertise for these exceedingly rare oceanic treasures.

Immerse yourself further at the Shellar Door in Mooney Mooney, where you have the freedom to customise your perfect experience. Shellar Door encounters are thoughtfully designed to be enjoyed individually or combined to transform you into a true aficionado of pearls and oysters. Rest assured, once you've had a taste, you'll be drawn back for more. The array of tours includes Oyster Tasting, Farm Cruise, Pearl Farming, Pearl Grading, Grazing Lunch, and Oysters.

Why not combine tours to make the most of your visit. 

Farm to Plate: If your heart beats for oysters, we recommend merging the Oyster Tasting and Farm Cruise experiences. This immersive journey unveils the captivating voyage of the oyster from farm to plate.

Shell to Showroom: For those enchanted by pearls or aspiring pearl experts, we suggest combining the Pearl Farming, Farm Cruise, and Pearl Grading experiences. This enlightening journey traces the pearl's evolution from its shell to the Shellar Door.

Complete Immersion: If your passion encompasses all things pearls and oysters, indulge in the ultimate experience by combining all our Shellar Door encounters. Dive deep into the captivating journey of the pearl from its shell to the Shellar Door, gaining comprehensive expertise along the way.

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12 Kowan Rd,
Mooney Mooney NSW


From $25 per adult

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The land of the Wonnarua People, Traditional Owners of the Hunter Valley region. 

Australia’s most famous Semillon region is also our most visited wine region. The first vines were planted in the 1820s by families whose names live on in some of the best wine brands in the country.

Nestled in the lee of the majestic Brokenback Range and cooled by ocean breezes, the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s best-known wine regions. It lies approximately two hours’ drive north of Sydney and to the north-west of Newcastle.

The Hunter Valley is home to over 130 wineries producing a wide array of exceptional wines. It is recognised as a world leader in dry white wines made from Semillon. Hunter Valley Semillon is regarded as Australia’s unique white wine.

Hunter Valley wines are light and relatively low in alcohol, which makes them a great accompaniment to food. The region specialises in fine dining, quality producers, great chefs and food and hosts a busy calendar of food and wine events. It is also renowned for its national parks, wine and cooking schools, fine dining, spa retreats, and great golf.


The Hunter Valley wine region is Australia's oldest continuous grape growing region. Its first vines were planted in the 1820s and today is home to some of the oldest vine stock in the world. The region has a rich history of Australian wine pioneers that include Audrey Wilkinson, and great wine names with the sixth generation family members at the helm.