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The Homecoming

After 167 years - 5 generations of Seppelt family ownership and 22 years under corporate - Seppeltsfield is now entering a new and exciting phase, as the iconic winery establishes availability of a Barossa red and white range through national distribution. This is the first time in the estate’s history that Seppeltsfield-branded table wines will be available in the marketplace. Seppeltsfield is celebrating this as a homecoming, a decade after Seppeltsfield was returned to private ownership.

Seppeltsfield will unveil its first nationally-available Barossa red and white wines - inclusive of an Eden Valley Riesling, Barossa Grenache and Barossa Shiraz - to customers in its cellar door from Thursday 1st February.  

Seppeltsfield has been known internationally by wine lovers for its treasure trove of fortifieds and dynamic tourism village in the Barossa Valley, however, until now red and white wines have been limited to availability through its cellar door.  The national release of Barossa still wines, made possible by having full ownership of its trademark, is being celebrated as "the final brushstroke on a beautiful canvas" by proprietor, Warren Randall.

Central to the new wine releases has been a multi-million dollar restoration of the estate's 1888 Gravity Cellar - a winery designed to harness the natural course of gravity to assist with the vinification process.  Conceived by Bruno Seppelt, eldest son of the original estate founders, the Gravity Cellar is recognsed as having a played a pivotal role in the evolution of modern winemaking - now back in full working use.

The Gravity Cellar today is celebrated by Seppeltsfield's winemakers Fiona Donald and Matthew Pick, with the 19th century engineering still enabling a low-energy/minimum pumping approach.  The gentle handling of grape must via the gravity principle is believe to preserve and maximise aromatics, colour and flavour.

"For more than a century, and particularly personified through Bruno Seppelt, this business has been based on courage, ambition and ingenuity.  From teh famous avenue of palms planted by the Seppeltsfield workers during the Great Depression, to the revolutionary design of the Gravity Cellar, to the incepton of a 100 Year Old Tawny, Seppeltsfield goes further than just being about grape growing and winemaking - it encapsulates so much of the Australian spirit", said Warren Randall.

"Beginning with our first tier of Barossa still wine releases, 2018 marks the commencement of a new phase for Seppeltsfield; to take this masterpiece brand back to its original place as Australia's top wine producer.  I want to bring this story to wine enthusiasts around the country so they can be part of it", he added.

Additional tiers, highlightin Barossa grounds-specific Shiraz and icon releases, will be unveiled by Seppeltsfield later in the year.