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Voyager Estate Summer Sunset Tours

"When I first started in the wine industry, I asked “what’s the best way to learn more about wine?” and the answer was simply to taste as much wine as possible.  That does work, and I’ve tried to act upon that advice as much as possible, but getting an understanding of where a wine comes from is also invaluable.  This is why we started our  Estate Tours over five years ago, allowing guests to get into the vineyards to see, touch and hear what goes into making wines from Voyager Estate and Margaret River. 

Step forward a few years to the introduction of our Project Wines.  It all started with a small block of Chardonnay planted to a specific clone on our Broadvale property.  At just five years old, the vines were displaying fruit character that our team had not previously seen in Chardonnay at Voyager Estate and the winemakers were eager to understand how it would look on its own. 

A select few barrels containing the Clone 95 Chardonnay grapes from this block were made and the results were stunning.  The 2009 Project 95 Chardonnay pricked up the ears (and noses and palates) of winemakers and critics alike and led the way for a newly forming experimental series we named the Project Wines which continues to this day.

Conceptually, these wines look at individual vineyard blocks, those that make up a major component of two of our Estate Range wines – the Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and the Chardonnay. 

For our Chardonnay, we have two single clone wines from two individual blocks, Clone 95 and Clone Gin Gin, which make up a large part of the blend of our Estate Range Chardonnay.   For our Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, we source fruit from two very special vineyard blocks, our aptly named Old Block where the planting dates back to 1978 and our young shining star, North Block, which no surprise, is named for its location within out Estate and was planted in the early 80’s.  The two Project Cabernets show how vine age and location can influence the wine.

How does this affect our Estate Tour?  With single vineyard wines available, we wanted our guests to taste those wines in the vineyards of their origin.  So, in our new Sunset Estate Tour, that’s what we do, taking immersive learning to an interactive and fun level.

Join us this summer, taste these limited release wines and watch the twilight approach with great wine and cheese at the tour’s end.  We look forward to having you at the Estate."

Janine Carter, Cellar Door Manager

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