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Mona has opened it's brand new tunnel extension, Siloam. Much like the rest of the museum, the concept of Siloam is built around the combination of ‘where have we been’ and ‘where will we go next…’

The new tunnel complex takes visitors from the museum’s underground galleries, to the colourful, airy Pharos wing; between light and dark; between sandstone bedrock and the River Derwent. Along the way you’ll find Oliver Beer’s giant ear, Mona Confessional; and Chris Townend’s sound installation, Requiem for Vermin - the largest multichannel sound-based artwork in the world. Up one level are the bones of a Qing dynasty house (White House, by Ai Weiwei).

Siloam also hosts The Divine Comedy, by artist Alfredo Jaar—a three-stage journey through the chambers of the afterlife. Hell, purgatory, paradise.

Siloam is free with museum entry, but you need to book tickets ($20) to The Divine Comedy. Online bookings are available here 28 days in advance or via the O on the day of your visit.

Admission to Mona is included in the Moorilla Posh-As Day at Mona and the Moorilla Wine Meets Mona Art Day Tour combining VIP winery tours and tastings with museum access, lunch and ferry transfers from Hobart.

Elsewhere in the UWEA collection, a selection of experiences celebrate the synergy of wine and art the sensory aspects involved in an appreciation of either or both.

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