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Montalto X: The Hunger Project

Montalto has launched an exciting fundraising initiative in support of The Hunger Project. From 1st December 2021 through until 28th February 2022, Montalto will donate $2 from every bottle of Sparkling Rosé sold onsite or via the Montalto website, with a goal to raise $10,000 to assist with The Hunger Project’s mission to end hunger and poverty.

Heidi Williams, Montalto’s Director of People, Hospitality and Community, said:

“Montalto has been supporting The Hunger Project since 2017 when I first became aware of them. I was particularly interested in the idea of effective altruism, that is, benefiting others in the most effective way possible. How can we make every dollar go further and help more? I came across THP, and the more I learned, the more excited I became.

In 2017, I undertook the challenge to raise $10,000 for THP, and to travel with them to visit communities in Uganda. I was proud to raise more than $14,000 via various activities, including a shared garage sale, free dress day at school, direct donations, and a special cocktail evening that we put on at Montalto, with all proceeds going to the cause.

Travelling to Uganda, I was able to see firsthand why THP is so effective. Through education, training and mentorship they build the knowledge, skills and leadership of those directly affected to help themselves and others, to take action and improve their communities, and the cycle continues. Listening to the stories of the Ugandan people, we can see the challenges, but also the change that they have been able to achieve.

It is not about aid, but about building long term, sustainable and systemic change. They do not send people into countries for a short-term period of time to help, rather they employ people in those countries directly, who most intimately understand the needs, and can have the greatest impact over a sustained period of time.

THP has a woman-centred focus, as studies have shown that when women are supported, educated and empowered, all of society benefits, the effects ripple out through their families and networks.

It is not just a societal impact, but also a very important environmental one.  As women’s education and status increases, the number of children she has decreases, thereby reducing pressure on resources and reducing emissions. It is a very real solution for our climate emergency.”

There’s no better time to stock up on Sparkling Rosé whilst supporting this extraordinary organisation. For more information, or to purchase online, click HERE.