Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

Celebrate Spring with Prosecco

As spring graces us with its arrival, Prosecco emerges as the quintessential choice for wine enthusiasts seeking to enjoy the season's delights. This Italian sparkling wine, with its crisp effervescence and lively character, mirrors the vibrancy of blossoming flowers and the rejuvenation of nature. It's the ideal accompaniment for outdoor picnics, garden parties, and vineyard visits, elevating the joy and celebration that spring brings. So, whether you're toasting to a new season or reveling in the great outdoors, Prosecco embodies the spirit of springtime in every sparkling sip. 

For the ultimate Prosecco experience, why not embark on a journey down Prosecco Road in Victoria's King Valley? This charming wine trail winds through picturesque vine-covered hills, beckoning you to explore welcoming cellar doors and savour a diverse range of Prosecco styles. Along the way, you'll encounter two of our esteemed Ultimate Winery members, Pizzini Wines and Brown Brothers, renowned for their exceptional Prosecco offerings and experiences as follows;
Pizzini Wines: Pop & Fizz

Head on over to Pizzini's lively tasting space, where you'll dive into a relaxed and entertaining wine journey, discovering some cool things about our Prosecco styles that you might not have known. The exclusive tasting area can comfortably fit up to eight people, making it great for your own private gathering or a chance to meet some new friends in this cozy setting. It's all about Prosecco, camaraderie, and having a good time!

Brown Brothers: Prosecco Brunch 

Taste the complete range of Brown Brothers' Prosecco while enjoying a mouthwatering spread of freshly baked treats, local Milawa cheeses, house-made goodies, and fresh fruits. Whether it's a cozy brunch for two or a get-together with up to 12 friends, you can relax in your own private Prosecco Lounge. After a brunch, you'll have plenty of time to keep exploring the King Valley at your own pace.