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Australian Prosecco Winemakers Celebrate

In a recent development, the Minister for Trade and Tourism, Senator the Hon Don Farrell, delivered a significant win for Australian winemakers by rejecting an EU trade deal. This deal would have curtailed the production of Australian Prosecco, sparking joy among the industry's proponents.

Our very own Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia member, Katherine Brown from Brown Brothers, a prominent figure in the #SaveAustralianProsecco campaign, lauded this decision, emphasising the pivotal role of Prosecco as a grape variety name within the Australian wine sector.

The EU deal aimed to establish Prosecco as a geographical indication (GI), effectively preventing wines produced outside of Italy from bearing the Prosecco label.

This victory not only preserves the robust growth of the Australian Prosecco segment but also ensures the future diversity of varietals in the country's vineyards. The collaborative effort of dedicated winemakers and the broader wine industry was instrumental in securing this favourable outcome, marking a testament to their unity and determination.

This is fantastic news for the numerous members of Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia who focus on the production of Prosecco.