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Tyrrell's Sustainable Winegrowing Australia certified

Exciting news from Tyrrell’s! Their Hunter Valley Winery and Vineyards are now proudly certified under the national Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program starting November 2023. This means wines from their Hunter Valley winery, using grapes from their vineyards, are officially sustainable.

Since April 2009, Tyrrell's has focused on sustainable vineyard management, reduced energy and water consumption, and waste reduction, aligning with their commitment to minimise environmental impact. This includes practices such as under-vine cut-off ploughing and planting nitrogen-fixing cover crops for natural fertilisation. Recycling grape marc as compost, preserving natural woodland, and maintaining a significant percentage of old vines showcase Tyrrell’s commitment to environmentally conscious vineyard practices.

In energy conservation, Tyrrell’s adopts a refrigeration system with variable-speed-drive pumps and installs a solar power system, resulting in a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts extend to LED lighting, lightweight bottles, and sustainable transport packaging, contributing to a 10% reduction in Total Energy Cost per Litre of Wine Produced since 2009.

In water management, Tyrrell’s upgrades wastewater systems, recycles winery wastewater for irrigation, and diligently monitors water usage to minimise environmental impact. Waste management involves recycling general and packaging waste, reusing wooden pallets, and composting winemaking waste, resulting in a notable 60% reduction in solid waste sent to landfill over the past four years.

Tyrrell’s commitment to sustainability is ingrained in every aspect, reflecting a dedication to a vibrant and eco-friendly future.