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Brown Brothers wins Best Wine Documentary

The documentary "Next in Wine: Survival and Succession" from Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia member, Brown Brothers, clinches the title of Best Wine Documentary at the prestigious Women, Wine & Film Festival in Los Angeles.

This family-owned winery's feature-length film, produced by Dundas Media, traces the journey of the Brown family. Their mission? To reintroduce Tarrango wine to the Australian market after a hiatus since the 1980s.

Focusing on the fourth generation, sisters Katherine, Caroline, and Emma Brown take centre stage. From designing the label to presenting a sales pitch, the documentary unveils the intricacies of their Tarrango project.

Katherine Brown, the winemaker and brand ambassador, expresses pride in steering the family business forward. She emphasises the documentary's role in sharing their story globally and its significance in recognising women in the arts. According to Katherine, challenging the status quo is pivotal for maintaining their position as a leading family-owned wine company. The award reinforces their commitment to innovation, spanning over 130 years.

The documentary, created by Jason Dundas, captures the family's journey from March to August 2022. Whether a wine expert or novice, Dundas promises that the film will captivate audiences with its compelling narrative.

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