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Jacob's Creek Welcomes Harvest Kitchen

Harvest Kitchen has relocated to a stunning spot at Jacob's Creek in Rowland Flat, delighting South Australian foodies with a fresh venue and expanded menu.

Since the move, they've received glowing feedback, maintaining their commitment to seasonal, local ingredients with a Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flair. This partnership between Harvest Kitchen and Jacob's Creek emphasises community and unity, resonating with both businesses' shared values.

The move to Jacob's Creek, just 7km from Vine Vale, offers a significant growth opportunity, with the site's walking trails and nearby attractions for visitors. The purpose-built venue allows for more significant group bookings, diverse dining spaces, and an expanded menu. This collaboration benefits both Harvest Kitchen and Jacob's Creek, enhancing the experience for locals and tourists alike.

Experience the unique flavours of Harvest Kitchen's exquisite cuisine firsthand along with an in-depth, sensory experience of the Double Barrel range on the Jacob's Creek Double Barrel Experience and Harvest Kitchen Lunch.