Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

Meet the characters: Alex Hurn, Brokenwood

Alex Hurn joined Brokenwood Wines in November 2018 as a part of the Cellar Door sales team and was given the opportunity to work with the winery team for vintage 2021. Here's an update from the Brokenwood's Man of Mystery himself on his experience so far:

After spending so much of my time in the Cellar Door showing customers through the Winery, it was a slightly weird experience to suddenly find myself quite literally on the other side of the glass. It was a very different ball game to get used to. First in, last out, constantly finding my socks wet and my hands stained purple.

Brokenwood has a handful of slogans, both official and unofficial. My personal favourite being “it takes a lot of beer to make great wine”. My close second  is, “make great wine and have fun". Having the opportunity to play a part, however small in the “make great wine” part of that is something that I am eternally grateful for. If there is one major takeaway from this experience, it is that I still have a lot to learn but I doubt I could have found a better place to do it.

P.S. Always keep spare socks in your car.

Quick quiz!

Can't live without:
Caffeine, preferably in the form of coffee.

Favourite movie:
Chicken Run.

Pet peeve: 
When people interrupt you mid sentence just to change the topic. 

Favourite thing you have learnt working in the winery?
Winemaking is 98% cleaning.

Hilarious Brokenwood memory:
Telling a customer that Brokenwood is 50 years old and then being asked if I was the original owner!