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History in the Winemaking

With a proud and priceless legacy dating back to 1851, Seppeltsfield is Australia’s iconic wine estate. This month Seppeltsfield launched its 1915 Gallipoli Para Tawny - an Australian wine of unparalleled historic significance, made possible by the founders of Seppeltsfield.

Seppeltsfield's proud history dates back to 1851 when it was founded by Joseph Seppelt and his eldest son Benno. Following his father’s death in 1878, Benno took up the reigns and in an act of profound foresight he launched what became known as the ‘Centennial Cellar’ – a separate room inside the winery’s bluestone cellars within which a single barrel of their finest port wine was laid down with strict instructions that it was not to be bottled for 100 years.

This unique and original idea has endured and every year another single barrel is introduced under the same conditions. The Centennial Cellar now comprises an unbroken lineage of every vintage from the current year back to 1878 and every year another barrel of Para Vintage Tawny is released to form part of the Centennial Collection.

The 1915 Gallipoli Para Tawny will also form part of the 1914-1918 War Memorial Anthology set containing each Para vintage from those years, to be released in 2018. Both the individual bottles and the Anthology collection have been endorsed by the Australian War Memorial.

The Centennial Cellar has become a living museum of Australian winemaking history, and undoubtedly the 'jewel in the crown' of the Seppeltsfield estate. Unlike any other winery in the world, Seppeltsfield offers visitors the opportunity to experience the Centennial Cellar, including tasting 100 year old Para Tawny and their birth year vintage.  Visit our Experiences page for more information.