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Wild Koala Day - 3 May 2023

Wild Koala Day, held on 3 May, is an international event to celebrate wild koalas and protect their habitats. 

Koalas are one of the 10 species worldwide most at risk from climate change due numerous factors including droughts and heatwaves, bushfires and increasing aridity.  Added to this is the the damaging effect of increased carbon dioxide on eucalyptus leaves, leading to higher toxins and lower nutritional compounds.

See how you can help koala conservation efforts on Wild Koala Day.

Why not book at Wine and Wander tour at Gemtree Wines where you may even be able to spot a koala for yourself along the Gemtree Eco Trail. The Gemtree Eco Trail has been lovingly restored from a degraded creek line into a biodiverse conservation area with six interlinking dams and 50,000 native plants over 10 hectares. On the Wine and Wander experience you'll also learn about biodynamic grape growing and wine making at the Biodynamic Hut, enjoy a tutored tasting of Gemtree’s wines, and indulge in a private dining experience prepared by the award-winning chefs at the nearby Salopian Inn.