Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

4 Unforgettable Fortified Experiences

Fortified wines, the revered gems of the Australian wine industry, captivate with their extraordinary flavours and rich history. Australia produces world-class fortified wines, winning international awards since the 1870s. These lusciously decadent creations vary in style, from velvety Topaque, spicy Tawny, and exquisite Muscat. Some of Australia's most remarkable fortified wines age for over a century, creating an unparalleled richness that defies time.

Embark on an unforgettable journey of fortified wine exploration at some of our Ultimate Wineries, with these four fabulous fortified experiences:

Centenary Tour, Seppeltsfield, Barossa Valley, SA

Take an unforgettable journey through time on Seppeltsfield's Centenary Tour, tracing the footsteps of generations past at the historic homestead. Enjoy a private tasting of premium fortified wines, each a testament to Seppeltsfield's craftsmanship. The highlight awaits in the revered 1878 Centennial Cellar, where you'll savour a Tawny from your birth year and experience the legendary 100-year-old Para Vintage Tawny. This exclusive adventure is tailor-made for wine enthusiasts, offering over 130 years of captivating history in South Australia's picturesque Barossa Valley.

Crafted to Perfection: Fortified Wine Experience, Stanton & Killeen, Rutherglen, VIC

Immerse yourself in this ultimate fortified wine experience at Stanton & Killen. This half-day workshop delves deep into the captivating realm of fortified winemaking. Guided by their seasoned experts, you'll unlock the secrets of blending and uncover the art of achieving the perfect harmony of flavours. As a memento of this remarkable experience, you'll be presented with a meticulously crafted 10L home barrel, allowing you to continue the aging process of your very own fortified wine.

Fortified and Fromage, Audrey Wilkinson, Hunter Valley, NSW

For those who appreciate fine wine and cuisine, this seated tasting session held within the historic museum space allows you to sample the exquisite selection of high-quality wines, in addition to three generous tastings directly from the maturing barrels of fortified wines. Wines will be artfully paired with delectable fromage sourced from acclaimed local producers. Each couple will also receive a bottle of fortified wine to take home and enjoy at their leisure.

Master Blenders: Blend Your Own Muscat, Stanton & Killeen, Rutherglen, VIC

Embark on a journey into the art of Muscat winemaking on a Master Blenders experience, where you'll sample diverse parcels, and unleash your inner maestro to create a truly extraordinary blend. Venture through the storied halls of the historic winery and sample the exquisite range of Rutherglen Muscat wines. Experiment with different combinations, channelling your passion and expertise to craft a blend with custom label that is uniquely yours to take home.