Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

3 Extraordinary Underground Cellar Experiences

Prepare to embark on a journey like no other that will take you deep into the heart of subterranean cellars, where stories are waiting to be uncovered. Explore the hidden treasures concealed beneath the earth's surface as you immerse yourself in the enchanting world of wine within the underground cellars of three exceptional members of Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia: Hardys Tintara, Seppeltsfield, and Moorilla at Mona.

Hardys Tintara - Tasting in the Dark

Unlock the secrets of your senses and their impact on wine tasting in Hardy's exclusive Fortified Cellar. Led by an expert host, discover how each sense influences the tasting process, culminating in a unique "Tasting in the Dark" experience. Journey into darkness as lights dim, blindfolds descend, and wine is poured into black glasses, showcasing the profound effect of sight deprivation on your wine perception. Suitable for all levels, this adventure enhances your wine knowledge and palate, leaving you with sensory tricks to elevate your wine experiences and share with others at your next social gathering.

Moorilla at Mona - Moorilla Decanted

Prepare for an immersive exploration of Moorilla's distinguished wines on their Moorilla Decanted experience, commencing with an informative private vineyard tour, thoughtfully guided by one of Moorilla's resident wine connoisseurs. Following this enlightening journey, you'll descend into the secret underground wine bunker for an extensive and structured tasting session, featuring a meticulous selection from the Moorilla range, which encompasses wines from their Praxis, Muse, and Cloth Label series, along with intriguing varietals currently available. This exceptional tasting experience will be heightened by the use of exquisite crystal glassware, with valuable insights shared regarding the nuances of decanting and wine appreciation.

Seppeltsfield - Centenary Tour

The Centenary Tour at Seppeltsfield is the ultimate historical wine experience. It begins with a visit to the historic Seppelt family homestead and continues with a private fortified wine tasting in the 1878 Centennial Cellar, where you'll savour your birth year Tawny and the legendary 100-year-old Para Vintage Tawny, straight from the barrel. This tour also includes exploration of the historic Seppelt Family Homestead and the underground Blending Cellar. The Centennial Cellar is a living museum of Australian winemaking history, where each vintage from 1878 to the present is preserved, making it the crown jewel of the Seppeltsfield estate. Awarded the Barossa Trust Mark, this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for wine enthusiasts.