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Ten Minutes by Tractor celebrates 25th Anniversary

In May, Ten Minutes by Tractor proudly commemorates its 25th Anniversary, a milestone deeply rooted in the lush vineyards of Main Ridge, where the journey began.

Thirty-two years ago, Peter and Elizabeth Wallis, along with Andrew and Vivian McCutcheon, embarked on a journey to establish vineyards in Main Ridge. Initially selling their yields to local wineries, they later produced small batches under their own labels. In 1996, James and Kerry Judd joined, enriching the vineyard with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir plantings. Collaboratively, they formed 'Ten Minutes by Tractor' in 1999 to increase efficiency and diminish costs. Following initial success in 2003, the families sought a visionary leader, leading to the sale of the winery to Martin Spedding in 2004, marking a new chapter in its journey towards excellence.

To mark this milestone, Ten Minutes by Tractor is hosting a series of events throughout the year, including exclusive opportunities for guests.

In May, guests are given the opportunity to win one of four cases of wine when reserving a dining experience at the restaurant between May and August. Winners will be selected monthly, each receiving over $800 worth of wine, including the 10X, Estate, Single Vineyard, and Trahere varieties.

From May to June, patrons can enjoy exclusive back vintage pairings in the restaurant, while July to August promises wine club members and customers access to a selection of museum release stock from the cellar.

Later in the year, celebrate with a long lunch amidst the vines, complemented by a curated selection of iconic back vintage wines and verticals. Further details to be announced.

In their 25-year journey, Ten Minutes by Tractor takes pride in notable achievements, including ranking No.25 in Huon Hooke’s Top Wineries of Australia (2024), earning a coveted Halliday five red star winery status, and the recognition of Trahere in Max Allen’s Top 20 wines of 2023. Additionally, they are the first Good Food Guide two-hatted restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula since 2013 and have been featured in Forbes's Top 10 Winery Restaurants. Their wines have garnered impressive rankings, such as #2 Top Chardonnay and #3 Top Pinot Noir in Australia. Notably, their 2021 Trahere Chardonnay & Judd Chardonnay were jointly awarded #1 Mornington Peninsula Chardonnay by Huon Hooke.

Ten Minutes by Tractor invites wine enthusiasts to join in honouring this significant milestone!