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Let's Celebrate Pinot Grigio Day

Join Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia on 17 May 2024 in celebrating World Pinot Grigio Day as we raise a glass to this beloved varietal.
Pinot Grigio, among the most widely planted white wine grapes globally, presents a light-bodied, acid-driven profile primarily grown in Northern Italy. Exhibiting refreshing notes of freshly cut pear, citrus, and subtle spices, it's an ideal aperitif choice, offering easy-drinking enjoyment. This varietal complements lighter meals superbly, pairing excellently with dishes like asparagus, poached chicken, white fish, and light pasta or risotto, owing to its delicate flavours.

In Australia, Pinot Grigio flourishes in cooler to moderate climate regions such as the King Valley, Yarra Valley, Orange, and Mornington Peninsula. These areas offer ideal conditions for cultivating this crisp, refreshingly dry white wine.

Among our Ultimate Wineries, you'll discover outstanding examples of Pinot Grigio from the King Valley:

Pizzini Wines, King Valley, VIC

At Pizzini Wines, crafting Pinot Grigio is an art form deeply rooted in their Italian heritage and the pristine terroir of the King Valley. With a commitment to excellence, they meticulously nurture their vines to produce grapes of unparalleled quality. Their winemaking expertise shines through in each bottle, offering a vibrant expression of the variety with delicate fruit flavours and a refreshing finish.
Find out more about Pizzini's winemaking processes on The Maker's Journey. Enjoy an exclusive vineyard visit and private barrel room tasting, sampling unique wines while discovering the evolution of the vineyard and the influence of 'makers' techniques on wine styles, before a tutored tasting at the Cellar Door showcasing both current and back vintage wines.
Brown Brothers, King Valley, VIC
Nestled in the scenic beauty of Milawa, Brown Brothers is renowned for its exceptional Pinot Grigio production. Through a blend of tradition and innovation, they create wines that capture the essence of the region. With careful vineyard management and precise winemaking techniques, each bottle reflects its commitment to quality, offering a delightful balance of vibrant flavours and crisp acidity. 
Discover more about Brown Brothers on a Wine and Food Adventure, where you'll join chefs in the kitchen garden to forage for fresh produce for your exclusive lunch menu. Indulge in a perfectly paired meal with Brown Brothers wines, served by the chef in their acclaimed restaurant.
Published 14 May 2024.