Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

The Art of of Fine Wine

Beneath the Leeuwin Estate cellar door in Margaret River lies the Leeuwin Estate Art Gallery, an incredible collection of original paintings and sculptures which feature on the renowned "Art Series" wine labels. Since the idea's inception in 1980, the collection has grown to over 150 paintings and artworks from artists including John Olsen, Arthur Boyd, Sir Sidney Nolan, Lloyd Rees, Albert Tucker, Fred Williams, Robert Juniper, Clifton Pugh and Imants Tillers. 

Many of the paintings and sculptures were commissioned specifically for the labels while others were discovered in exhibitions around Australia and the artists approached for copyright permission to be reproduced as part of the series. The first painting commissioned was of Caves Road by Robert Juniper for the 1980 Art Series Chardonnay. When John Olsen was approached to paint the first artwork to be used on the Art Series Riesling, his response was the creation of four works entitled "Frogs in Riesling". These paintings were so irresistible that the decision was made to purchase all four and continue these as individual labels on all future Riesling vintages. Sir Sidney Nolan, when approached at the beginning of the series, declined, advising he was not a graphic artist and did not paint for wine labels however he was also a red wine buff and when sent two unlabelled bottles of the 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon - one of Leeuwin’s best vintages - he responded that for this wine he would happily provide a painting. This resulted in his Dolphin Rock appearing on the label.

A tutored viewing of the unique collection of contemporary artworks is included in all Leeuwin's Ultimate Winery Experiences, accompanied by a glass of Brut and chef's selection of fine canapés.


Wine and art is a partnership celebrated throughout the Ultimate Winery Experiences collection.  From Hobart's weird and wonderful Mona Museum, home of Moorilla Winery and cellar door, where you can combine a self guided tour through the mind-expanding and throught provoking world of contemporary and ancient art with fine dining and wine education; to Montalto's Scuplture Trail, a collection winding its way through the property in open spaces through to more intimate pieces amongst the wetlands and vines.  At d'Arenberg, embark on a self guided tour of the Alternate Realities Museum, a monumental celebration of wine as art, assisted by a free smartphone application, and discover features such as a wine aroma room, a virtual fermenter, a 360° video room, and many other tactile experiences.  The original Vasse Felix winery has been preserved as an Art Gallery and here, a seasonal program of exhibitions from the celebrated Holmes à Court Collection is shown. The gallery experience extends to the Vasse Felix grounds where gardens of local flora have been embellished with a sculpture walk comprising works by local artists.