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Let's get crafty

If lockdown has taught us anything, it’s that home-based DIY projects of all kinds can be deeply satisfying. From gardening to sewing, the delayed gratification that comes from slowing down and starting from scratch brings joy and inspiration as we tap into our creativity and witness something come from nothing.

For the wine lovers among us (that’s all of us, right?) the idea of growing your own plump grapes and concocting your very own wine is tantalising. The good news is there’s a swag of homemade wine recipes out there and there’s bound to be one that’s ideal for your home climate.

Gone are the days where winemaking was purely for those sun-kissed corners of the world. With many thousands of wine grape varieties on offer, there’s bound to be a few that suit your neck of the woods.

This handy blog: How to grow plump wine grapes for a deep and complex homemade wine offers a user-friendly guide to making wine from scratch, covering all the crucial elements such as varieties, soil, temperatures, the pros and cons of growing grapes from seeds versus cuttings, planting, watering, feeding, training the vines, pollinating, pruning and harvesting. You’ll also discover the most common grape-growing problems and learn how to store the grapes as well as the prep and cook process.

So, you’ve made the journey from grapes to glass and you’re ready to bottle your unique elixir. Next step? A DIY wine cellar, of course! As one useful blog points out, A wine cellar will provide you with a place to organize your favourite bottles for easy access and stylish organization.” Read on to discover How to create the perfect wine cellar in your home. It’s easier than it sounds! This step-by-step guide considers the best location for your wine cellar, ideal insulation, different wine racks, correct wine storage and how to create a bespoke cellar with style.

Take your time and enjoy the process. When you taste your first sip of homegrown wine, we guarantee it will all be worth it.