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Gemtree wins Sustainable Tourism award

Congratulations to Gemtree Wines

At the recent 2024 South Australian Best Of Wine Tourism Awards, Gemtree Wines took home the prestigious Sustainable Wine Tourism Practices award. This award symbolises Gemtree's strong commitment to sustainable viticulture and eco-conscious practices.

These awards not only honour local excellence but also underscore South Australia's global recognition within the wine industry, as it's a member of the distinguished Great Wine Capitals Global Network. This affiliation positions South Australia as one of the world's premier wine producers, competing on par with renowned regions like Bordeaux and the Napa Valley.

Gemtree Wines is now gearing up to represent Adelaide and South Australia at the upcoming Global Best Of Wine Tourism Awards in Lausanne, Switzerland, on October 26, during the Great Wine Capitals Annual Meeting and Conference.

This international stage promises to showcase the sustainability and innovation that define South Australia's vibrant wine industry to a global audience.