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World Wetlands Day - 2 February

World Wetlands Day, celebrated on 2 February, honours the importance of wetlands globally by raising awareness about the value of wetlands for humanity and the planet. Wetlands are vital ecosystems that support biodiversity, clean water, and climate regulation. This day encourages everyone to recognise and protect these precious habitats.

In South Australia's McLaren Vale, Gemtree's Eco Trail, once a barren cattle grazing area, now thrives as a biodiverse wetland supporting native plants, birds, and animals. The Buttery family recognised the need to restore this 10-hectare land to its natural state, clearing feral weeds and debris to enhance vineyard biodiversity and ecological balance. In collaboration with the local community and Greening Australia in 2001, over 50,000 native trees and shrubs were planted, transforming the site into a haven for local wildlife and native species.

See the Gemtree Eco Trail on a Wine and Wander experience, where you'll discover the diverse flora, fauna, and wildlife along the trail, gaining insights into biodynamic grape growing and winemaking at the Biodynamic Hut. Enjoy a tutored wine tasting featuring Gemtree’s exceptional wines, followed by a private dining affair crafted by the renowned chefs at the Salopian Inn.

Additionally, delve into the cultural depth of the Eco Trail through the Wuldi Cultural Experience led by Ngarrindjeri elder Mark Koolmatrie. Walk the trail, absorbing ancient stories and exploring our responsibilities in caring for the land, waters, and ecosystems. Conclude the experience with a native tasting plate and an optional wine flight.

Let's celebrate and preserve our wetlands for a sustainable future!

Published 31 January 2024.