Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

Global Drink Wine Day 18 February

Celebrate Global Drink Wine Day on February 18th with Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia!

This day honours the joy of wine worldwide. Why not mark the occasion with one of these unique experiences where you'll not only get to enjoy wine but also learn a thing or two along the way!

Moorilla Decanted @ Moorilla Estate, TAS

Immerse yourself in the world of Moorilla Estate with Moorilla Decanted. Enjoy a private guided vineyard tour led by Moorilla's resident wine experts, exploring the picturesque vineyards before descending into an underground wine bunker for an exclusive tasting session. Sample a variety of wines from Moorilla's prestigious Praxis, Muse, and Cloth Label series, all elegantly decanted into luxurious crystal glassware. Refine your wine tasting skills and learn the art of decanting in this sophisticated setting.

Grenache Project Masterclass @ Artisans of Barossa, Barossa Valley, SA

Immerse yourself in Barossa wine at Artisans of Barossa's exclusive Grenache Project Masterclass. Led by experienced hosts in the intimate Artisan’s Room, delve into the acclaimed ‘Grenache Project’ with six wines from the 2021 release. Enjoy stunning views of the Barossa Ranges and vineyards during the 1.5-hour masterclass, exploring diverse expressions of Barossa wine from a single varietal. Afterward, unwind in the Delikatessen or enjoy panoramic views of the Barossa Valley from the lawn.

Hardys Hidden Secrets @ Hardys Tintara, McLaren Vale, SA 

Journey into the storied past of Hardys Tintara with Hardys Hidden Secrets. Embark on an intimate guided tour through the historic winery, uncovering the legacy of Thomas Hardy and his wine empire. Explore the captivating stories and memorabilia of the Hardy family as you wander through the charming Tintara property. Conclude your tour with a tasting of five iconic Hardys wines, thoughtfully paired with a regional tasting plate sourced from local delicacies.

Fortified and Fromage @ Audrey Wilkinson, Hunter Valley, NSW 

Indulge in Fortified and Fromage, a unique barrel and cheese tasting experience curated for wine and food enthusiasts. Guided by an in-house expert, enjoy premium wine tastings and generous samples directly from maturing fortified wine barrels. Paired delicately with local Fromage, each wine enhances the richness of the cheese. Conclude your experience with a bottle of fortified wine to take home and share.

Raise your glass to Global Drink Wine Day! 

Published 13 February 2024.