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World Chardonnay Day - 23 May

Celebrate International Chardonnay Day on May 23rd with Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia, as we honour the versatile "winemaker's grape" that thrives in every wine-producing country worldwide. This is not just a celebration, but also a unique opportunity to learn about the diverse Chardonnay offerings from different wine regions.
Across Australia's diverse wine regions, each has its own specialty when it comes to Chardonnay production. The Margaret River is renowned for its mild winters and cooling maritime breezes, creating ideal conditions for producing elegant and complex Chardonnays with a fine balance of fruit and acidity. Orange excels in Chardonnay production, harnessing its cool climate and high-altitude vineyards to create wines of exceptional elegance and complexity, whilst the Mornington Peninsula, with its maritime influences and varying microclimates, excels in crafting Chardonnays known for their vibrant fruit flavours, minerality, and textural complexity.
Here are some of our Ultimate Wineries specialising in the production of Chardonnay: 

In the Margaret River region, Voyager Estate endeavours to produce some of the world's most refined and elegantly balanced Chardonnays showcased through their prestigious MJW collection, classic Voyager Estate expressions, and approachable Coastal range. Explore further on an Origins Tasting and Lunch experience. Commencing in the Wine Room, guests can sample the latest releases alongside other key varietals, guided by the knowledgeable Wine Room team or through a self-guided journey. Afterwards, indulge in a wine-paired lunch in the elegant Restaurant, showcasing sustainable local produce and seasonal nuances.

Swinging Bridge in Orange is devoted to high-altitude winemaking, with a particular emphasis on crafting exceptional Chardonnay. On their Savour with Swinging Bridge experience, guests can enjoy a curated selection of cool climate wines paired with exquisite canapés crafted by the in-house chef and trained Sommeliers. This immersive experience not only explores the flavours of Swinging Bridge wines but also delves into the unique terroir of the Orange wine region.

The Mornington Peninsula is renowned for its exceptional Chardonnay production, where the maritime climate and unique terroir combine to yield wines of exquisite quality and character. Experience the best of Mornington Peninsula's Chardonnays with behind-the-scenes tours at Montalto and Ten Minutes by Tractor on an Icons of the Mornington Peninsula:Terroir to Table tour.

Raise a glass to the beauty of Chardonnay this World Chardonnay Day!

Published 14 May 2024.