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Drink Chenin Blanc Day

Join Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia on 8 June in celebrating Drink Chenin Blanc Day!

Chenin Blanc, originally from the Loire Valley in France, has found a home in several Australian wine regions. Known for its versatility, Australian Chenin Blanc ranges from dry to sweet styles, often showcasing bright acidity and flavours of apple, pear, and honey. The Swan Valley in Western Australia is particularly noted for its Chenin Blanc production, where the warm climate helps develop rich, complex wines. As Australian winemakers continue to experiment and perfect their techniques, Chenin Blanc is gaining recognition and popularity for its unique expression in the Australian terroir.

Voyager Estate, located in the renowned Margaret River region, produces a standout Chenin Blanc that embodies the area's distinctive terroir. With heritage vines dating back to their original 1978 plantings, Chenin Blanc is firmly part of their DNA. Known for its commitment to organic and sustainable practices, Voyager Estate meticulously crafts its Chenin Blanc to highlight the vibrant acidity and expressive fruit flavours that the variety is known for. Their Chenin Blanc often features a delightful balance of crisp apple, juicy pear, and a hint of tropical fruit, all underscored by a refreshing minerality. A highly versatile variety, it crafts a range of expressions, from their classic Voyager Estate Chenin to their much-loved Sparkling Chenin Blanc.

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Audrey Wilkinson, located in the Hunter Valley, also excels in producing Chenin Blanc. Their approach combines traditional methods with modern innovations to create a wine that is both refreshing and complex. Audrey Wilkinson's Chenin Blanc often features bright citrus notes, a hint of minerality, and a crisp, clean finish, making it a perfect choice for any occasion.

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Published 4 June 2024.