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International Durif Day

Celebrate International Durif Day on June 10 with Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia and discover the bold flavours of this unique varietal.

Durif, known for its rich and robust character, thrives in Australia's warm climate. This varietal, originally from France, has found a new home in regions like Rutherglen and the Barossa Valley. Australian winemakers excel in producing Durif wines that are intense, full-bodied, and perfect for aging. The grape's thick skin and high tannin content contribute to its deep colour and complex flavour profile, making it a favourite among red wine enthusiasts.

Stanton & Killeen, located in the heart of Rutherglen, is renowned for its exceptional Durif. Their vineyards benefit from the region's warm days and cool nights, producing grapes with concentrated flavours. Stanton & Killeen's Durif offers notes of dark berries, spice, and chocolate, with a smooth, velvety finish. The winery's dedication to traditional winemaking techniques ensures each bottle reflects the rich heritage and terroir of Rutherglen.

Uncover some of Stanton & Killeen's world-class fortified wines and rich, luscious reds on a Private Tour & Tasting in the Solera Room.

Penfolds Magill Estate in South Australia is celebrated for its premium Durif. Nestled in the Adelaide Hills, this historic estate combines modern innovation with classic viticulture. Penfolds Durif is known for its bold, intense flavours and remarkable structure. With hints of blackberry, plum, and licorice, this wine showcases the estate's commitment to quality and craftsmanship. 

Sample some of Penfolds' Icons, from the classics to the innovations on a Penfolds Collectors Experience.

Published 5 June 2024.