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Are You Game?

It's no secret that the team at Fowles Wine is passionate about food and wine matching.  Every year new opportunities to innovate and identify new combinations are explored through the combined enthusiasm of winery CEO Matt Fowles, chief winemaker Victor Nash and their dedicated team of experts.
The Exception wines are driven by one-off parcels of exceptional fruit or inventive winemaking projects dreamt up by the winemaking team. These wines are strictly limited edition and never-to-be repeated.  Among the latest of the Fowles Exception wines is the Wild Kitchen range.  These wines have been blended specifically to accompany the recipes featured on the labels. The team blended the wine while eating the food, allowing them to perfectly tailor the taste of the wine to complement the dish. Learn more here.
The Wild Kitchen wines will join the existing Fowles Wine food matching ranges, Farm to Table, Ladies who Shoot their Lunch and Are you Game?  These wines are the brainchild of Matt Fowles - a responsible hunter and sustainable food advocate - and are born from his passion for wild game food and living off the land. 
The Farm to Table wines are crafted to match with fresh, farm produce; Ladies who Shoot their Lunch are the world's first wines to be crafted to specifically match wild game meat and encourage more thought around food provenance; and the Are you Game? range is blended to match a broader variety of foods. The wines often include a dash of an alternative varietal offering complexity and cheeky intrigue for adventurous food and wine matching.  Both the Ladies who Shoot their Lunch and Are you Game? ranges are best explored during the Are You Game? Experience (details here) an opportunity to enjoy the 'Gamekeepers Platter' - four delicious tastes of game paired with a selection of wines - and discover the art of making and matching fine wine for game food.

So if you're game to try the Wild Kitchen, Farm to Table, Ladies who Shoot their Lunch or Are you Game? wines, a visit to the Fowles Wine Cellar Door is an absolute must.