Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia

2023 Melbourne Royal Wine Awards

Congratulations to our four Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia trophy winners from the 2023 Melbourne Royal Wine Awards - Gemtree Wines, Tyrrell's, House of Arras and De BortoliTyrrell's and Gemtree Wines both took home 2 trophies, while De Bortoli and House of Arras received 1 trophy each. 
The Melbourne Royal Wine Awards, organised by Melbourne Royal, stands as one of Australia's most esteemed wine competitions, uniting the finest Australian wines and setting the standard for wine excellence.
Our Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia trophy results are as follows:
Best Semillon: Tyrrell’s Vineyards - Belford Semillon, 2017
Best Sweet White Wine: De Bortoli Wines - Noble One Semillon, 2019
Best Grenache: Gemtree Wines - Small Batch Grenache SBE, 2022
Best Organic or Biodynamic Wine Trophy: Gemtree Wines - Small Batch Grenache SBE, 2022
Consistency of Excellence: House of Arras - House of Arras Grand Vintage
Consistency of Excellence: Tyrrell's Vineyards - Belford Semillon

Well done to our wineries!