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International Tempranillo Day

9 November heralds International Tempranillo Day. Join Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia in celebrating this revered drop. 

Tempranillo, a black grape native to Spain, derives its name from the Spanish word 'temprano,' signifying early ripening, as these grapes mature earlier than most in the country. Known for its versatility, Tempranillo complements a variety of dishes, such as grilled meat, tacos, burritos, and tomato-based cuisine. Wines crafted from Tempranillo grapes boast delightful aromas and flavours of cherry, plum, and dried fig.

Among our prestigious Ultimate Winery Experiences Australia members, you'll find a distinguished selection of wineries celebrated for their exceptional Tempranillo wines. Stanton & Killeen, renowned for their expertise in crafting Tempranillo, offers a remarkable new world take on this old world variety, as well as producing a Sparkling Tempranillo. Gemtree Wines, nestled in the picturesque McLaren Vale, showcases a Tempranillo that captures the essence of the region's unique terroir, whilst Hardys Tintara, Penfolds Magill Estate, Montalto, and Brokenwood all produce Tempranillos that showcase their winemaking mastery. Each of these members passionately produces and celebrates the exceptional character of their unique Tempranillo wines, contributing to the diverse and thriving Australian wine landscape.